A Murder Most Plum | Chapter Four

A Murder Most Plum

Lena stood starting at Annalise, “How can you know that?”

“Like I said, I’ve seen this before,” Annalise went on to tell Lena and Marco about her first case with Willow Creek PD. They’d been called out to a suspicious death of a female resident, the call had been made by her neighbour. The womans husband, who was a prominent business man, could not be traced and they suspected foul play. Doctors tried to convince Annalise and her team that the woman had died of a heart attack but her gut was telling her something else. Annalise cracked the case by proving the woman had been poisoned with arsenic. She had the same discolouration on her palms and her face that Mr Stately had.

“So, Columbo, whodunnit?” Marco asked, sarcastically.

01-13-15_12-14 PM

“I have no idea, I was a forensic scientist, not a detective alright?” You could  tell Annalise was getting fed up, “look, I have no idea how this happened but I did overhear Mr & Mrs Stately arguing earlier this evening…you don’t think?”

01-13-15_12-15 PM

“Oh please, girly, Mrs Stately is like 100 years old how could she do that?” Lena wasn’t buying into Annalises’ thought process.

“Well, why don’t we just go down and speak with her, eh?” this was the first useful thing that had come out of Marcos mouth.

The trio made their way down the stairs, they checked in the kitchen area first but neither Kris nor Mrs. Stately were there. There was an eerie quiet that blanketed the the house, as the group turned to check in the living room all that was left in there was the crackling embers from the fire.

01-13-15_12-35 PM

“Kris?” Annalise called out.

Lena, with a slight annoyance to her tone replied, “Where the hell are they?”

Marco led the group into the bar area, it was dark except for the dull light coming from behind the bar. Annalise heard some hushed whispters and spun around.

01-13-15_12-39 PM

“Guys, I think they’re through here,” Annalise made her way out into the entrance hall and turned to the room on her left.

It was the library, smaller than the rest of the rooms in the house so far. There were roof to floor bookcases along the back wall, two computer desks set up in the middle of the room and a comfortable seating area under the windows. That’s there Mrs. Stately and Kris were sitting, Kris had made Mrs. Stately some tea and she seemed a lot calmer than she had up the stairs. They were deep in conversation and hadn’t even noticed Annalise standing there.

01-13-15_12-44 PM

“Well, here you two are! Mrs. Stately. we need to talk to you,” Marco barged his way passed Annalise and towards Mrs. Stately who looked shocked to see them standing there.

01-13-15_12-54 PM

“How long have you all been there?” Mrs. Stately had panic in her voice and the tips of Kris’ ears turned bright red again.

01-13-15_12-55 PM

“Long enough to see that this little creep is trying to get the upper hand,” Marco was standing aggressively pointing to Kris, “That’s right mate, I know what your game is. The old man is gone so you’re putting the moves on his widow to get yourself in on the fortune?”

01-13-15_12-58 PM

Kris’ face starting to match the shade of his ears, then something happened that nobody expected, “You don’t even know what you’re talking about Marco, you know nothing about me and you know absolutely nothing about her,” Kris yelled and pointing back towards Mrs. Stately. “Get out of my way, now!”, Kris stormed out of the room.

01-13-15_1-02 PM

Everyone looked between each other, Mrs. Stately stood up and addressed the group, “If you’ll all excuse me,” was all she offered as she set down her mug and set off after Kris.

Marco huffed, “She’s not even been a widow for an hour and is already sniffing around for a toyboy, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were at it all along and offed the old man to make off with all the money themselves”

“Oh don’t be so ridiculous, Marco,” Lena retorted, “She’s his wife, what reason would she have to bump him off?”

01-13-15_1-07 PM

“So that she can get away with Kris, it’s so obvious….”

“Both of you just shut up,” Annalise raised her voice over the bickering pair, “I need a drink”

“Good shout, girly, let’s go,” Lena headed towards the bar area.

Marco followed suit and tailed behind Lena, Annalise collected the mug Mrs. Stately had left behind and turned to follow the pair. As she reached the entrance hall she head Kris and Mrs. Stately talking at the top of the stairs.

01-13-15_1-15 PM

“Kris, we can’t tell anyone” Mrs. Stately whispered.

“I won’t, I promise,” Kris replied, “I’m just so happy to be with you again”

“Oh Kris, I’m so sorry for everthing, it was James fault, if he hadn’t been so cold hearted then this would never have happened”

Annalise let out a small gasp and the hall fell silent.

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4 thoughts on “A Murder Most Plum | Chapter Four

  1. Well, they say a woman is more likely to use poison to kill.

    Oh, and I suspect something else with Kris and Mrs. Stately, but I won’t say so I don’t ruin it for others. 🙂


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