A Murder Most Plum | Chapter Six

A Murder Most Plum

Annalise rolled over in her bed and stretched her arm out as if reaching for something, she lifted her head sleepily from her pillow and looked to her side. Someone was there recently, she could still feel the warmth on the mattress, she squinted and tried to force her eyes to adjust to the light.

“Kris?” she called out. Silence.

Annalise lay there while she came out of her drowsy state, she lifted herself out of bed and headed for the bathroom. After her shower she decided to continue with her plans from last night, she needed to talk to Mrs. Stately, to find out exactly what that conversation she over heard was all about.

01-25-15_6-41 PM

She quietly closed her bedroom door behind her and headed towards Mrs. Statelys room, instead she found her self stopping outside a bedroom door that she had to pass, it belonged to Kris. Where had he gone this morning and why hadn’t he woken her up? She pushed her ear up against the door but couldn’t hear a sound.

“Kris,” she whispered, “are you in there?” she knocked on the door. No answer.

Annalise reached down for the handle with her ear still pressed against the door, she wasn’t exactly sure what she was going to say to Kris if he were in the room. Thankfully, she never had to find out. The room was empty. Annalise sighed and left, closing the door behind her.

01-25-15_6-43 PM

“Ok,” she took a deep breath, “Mrs. Stately.”

She crept along the landing and was a few steps away from Mrs. Stately’s room. A feeling of calm washed over Annalise, she was eager to just put an end to all of this now and get out of the house and return to her life. She slowly turned the handle of the door, no knock, no request for Mrs. Stately’s attention. She swung the door open and stood in the door way.

“Oh, for plums sake.”

01-25-15_6-46 PM

“Coffee, I need coffee” Lena grumbled from her seat in the kitchen.

“On it’s way, sweetcheeks,” Marco replied.

“What have I told you about the pet names? Cut it out.”

01-25-15_6-54 PM

“Yes, Ma’am.” Marco threw a wink in Lena’s direction.

As Marco and Lena settled into their seats with their coffees, Annalise appeared at the entrance.

“Mmmm, do I smell freshly brewed coffee?”

01-25-15_6-57 PM

“With a nose like that, you should seek out a career as a sniffer dog!” Marco let out one of his bellowing laughs as Lena jabbed him in he ribs.

“Sorry girly, you know what he can get like” Lena smiled at Annalise.

“Yeah, apparently you know all too well what he can get like,” Annalise had muttered this comment but it wiped the smile from Lena’s face immediately.

“Is that so? How can you of all people can judge me?” Lena snapped, “least I don’t wake up to empty beds, eh?”

01-25-15_7-00 PM

“Whatever, Lena.” Annalise huffed and grabbed herself a cup of coffee.

“Ladies, ladies,” Marco boomed, “there’s enough Marco lovin’ to go around”

01-25-15_6-58 PM

Annalise rolled her eyes and joined the couple at the table, “Do either of you know where Mrs. Stately is? I checked on her this morning and she wasn’t in her room.

“No idea,” Lena replied, “probably away sorting out the funeral plans I guess?”

“Funeral?” Annalise looked surprised, “so soon? But what about the evidence, surely the police need to be doing an investigation?”

“Calm down, Columbo,” Marco laughed, “you’ve got murder on the brain – he was an old man, get over it”

“Speaking of getting over things,” Lena turned her attention to Annalise, “why was Kris sneaking out your room at stupid o’clock this morning?”

“No comment,” Annalise had a sly grin spread across her face.

01-25-15_7-03 PM

“Come on, girly, give Auntie Lena the deets, the saucier the better!”

The three of them burst out laughing, there was a cough in the background which drew their attention away. There stood Kris, face crimson.

“I can’t believe you told them Annalise, honestly, is nothing sacred??” Kris stormed away back up the stairs and the group heard the slam of his door.

01-25-15_7-05 PM

“Oooh trouble in paradise already,” Marco chuckled and Annalise excused herself from the table and up the stairs. She stood outside Kris’ room for a couple of minutes before plucking up the courage to knock. Just as Annalise lifted her arm to knock on the door there was a wail that came from behind her.

01-25-15_7-08 PM

She immediately spun around trying to figure out where it had come from when it was followed by a loud sob, there was no doubting that the noise was coming from Mrs. Statelys room. Annalise turned and ran towards the door, just as Lena and Marco appeared at the top of the stairs. Marco pushed the door open and stared at the scene that lay in front of him.

01-25-15_7-12 PM


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