A Murder Most Plum | Chapter Eight

A Murder Most Plum

Marco, Annalise and Lena stood staring at Kris. All unsure of what the next response was going to be. The bombshell that had been dropped was almost unbelievable, what were the chances that the Stately’s would hold an open advert for people to come and spend some time with them, to possibly come out with the chance to run a successful business, to gain access to millions of simoleons.

“Well,” Marco breathed, “this just gets better and better doesn’t it, kid? So, you weren’t throwing a freebie to an old lady, you’re actually her kid? And why should we believe you? You’ve never been honest with any of us so far, I want to see proof of this first.”

“I don’t have any,” Kris muttered.

“What was that, boy? Speak up!”

02-03-15_12-33 PM

“I don’t have any,” Kris yelled, “Mrs. Stately, my mother, had all the documents in her room. my birth certificate, adoption forms and clippings about me and my parents, football games, school awards and the accident. After I…”

02-03-15_12-36 PM

“..conveniently found her sliced up in the tub. Is that the end of your statement Kris? I’m getting a bit fed up of all this. Lets look at the facts shall we? Number one, you just so happen to be picked out of all the people that applied for this, you ‘parents’ died in a car crash and now your ‘real parents’ are both dead, under some suspicious circumstances I might add, and now you’re here claiming to be their long lost adopted son which neither of them admitted to having? So what, that’s it, you get to walk away with the entire lot, I don’t think so. Either you provide some cold hard evidence or you get out my way and let our lawyers fight out over who gets the estate”

02-03-15_12-37 PM

The air was tense and Annalise could feel her stomach starting to churn again, she was never one to get sick. Thinking back as far as she could think, Annalise could not recall a time when she had been ill, there were no sick days at school, college or university, she’d seen, smelt and touched some pretty horrible stuff at work and not once had it resulted in her expelling the lining in her stomach.

“Guys, its been a long day. Can we just pack it in, get some sleep and we’ll talk this over in the morning,” Lena found herself becoming more and more the voice of reason, the mother to this group of misfits.

“Yeah, I agree with Lena, I’m not feeling too well,” Annalise chimed in, “a think a good nights sleep with help clear our heads and we can fix all this in the morning”

02-03-15_12-38 PM

The group all split into their respective rooms and there was not another sound to be heard in the Stately Manor that night. As the sun rose over the hills a stream of light coursed its way through Annalise’s room, waking her. It wasn’t the worst way to be woken up but it certainly wasn’t the best. She made her way to the kitchen and started to make some coffee, the house was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. Annalise enjoyed the quiet, it gave her time to process her thoughts. A lot had happened since her arrive at Stately Manor and she knew things were never going to be the same for her again.

02-03-15_12-41 PM


Annalise jumped and turned to see Kris standing at the entrance to the kitchen.

“Hi,” Annalise replied, “coffee?”

“That would be great,” Kris padded over to the coffee pot, pouring himself a cup and jumping up onto one of the stools. “About the other night,” Kris started, “I just wanted to say…”

02-03-15_12-44 PM

“Don’t worry about it,” Annalise replied, ” it wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t want it to.”

“Cool, I just didn’t want you to think, y’know,” Kris started, “anyway, about last night, I think we should Lena and Marco up and thrash this out. I’m gonna head up to the attic and see if I can find the papers that Mrs. Stately had.”

“Good idea,” Annalise sounded distant, “I better go get showered and dressed anyway”

02-03-15_12-45 PM

Annalise got up and left the kitchen without saying anything else. Kris watched as she disappeared out the door. Once Annalise was back in the safety of her room she walked over to the table in her room, the papers were still sitting there, the ones that didn’t belong to her. She lifted the top paper and ran her eyes over the words, it was true, Kris was Mrs. Stately’s son and Annalise had the proof in her hands. She now just had to decide what her next steps would be.

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