A Murder Most Plum | Chapter Nine

A Murder Most Plum

“So, produce your proof, Kris” Marco was still seething.

Kris stretched his arm behind his head and sighed, “I couldn’t find it. I don’t know what happened, she had everything there I saw it and now it’s missing.”

02-14-15_1-41 PM

Marco scoffed, “typical, well without your evidence I don’t believe you and will not let you walk out of here with all this money”

“For goodness sake, Marco, two people are dead and all you care about is the money?” Lena was exasperated, she had barely slept a wink and the bags under her eyes were extremely noticeable.

02-14-15_1-39 PM

The atmosphere around the table could be cut with a knife. The group sat in silence for a moment, it seemed they spent a large part of their day not actually speaking with each other. Marco spent the entire conversation staring at Kris, his eyes fixed and full of rage.

02-14-15_1-37 PM

“That’s it,” Marco stood up, scraping the legs of his chair along the floor, “I’m calling up my lawyer. He’s a friend of mine from school, he’ll iron all this out. I’ll get him to come up tomorrow to meet with us all, something needs to be done and I can’t stay in this house any longer!”

“Well, if you don’t want to be here that can be easily solved, couldn’t it?” Kris muttered under his breath.

“What did you say, big man? Do I need to come over there and smack it out of you?”

“Stop! Both of you,” Annalise sighed, “I’m so tired of listening to you two bickering.”

02-14-15_1-45 PM

Annalise got up from the table and left the room, “I’m going back to my room, just all of you leave me along, ok?” and with that, she disappeared.

Marco stalked off into another room and could be heard speaking on the phone, muffled through the wall. Kris sat in silence staring into the table, his breathing was heavy and coming through his nose like a raging bull. Lena excused herself to give him some space and made her way up to see Annalise. She stood outside the door and thought carefully about what she was going to say. Lena reached out and turned the handle on the door slowly, letting herself into the room.

02-14-15_1-47 PM

“Annalise? What are you doing?” Lena asked.

Annalise turned and stuffed the papers in her hand into the open drawer of the chest she was standing in front of.

“What’s that you have in your hand, Annalise?”

“Nothing,” Annalise sounded panicked, “it’s just some scrap bits of paper that were lying around, I was just tidying up”

Lena raised her eyebrow, she know in her heart that this wasn’t true but decided now wasn’t the time to pry. “Sit down, girly, we need to talk.”

“Talk? About what?”

“You know about what, I know exactly what is going on Annalise. Do you think I have my head zips up the back? I’m old enough and ugly enough to see through what’s going on here”

Annalise fidgeted, looking around the room for something to make this all go away.

02-14-15_1-50 PM

“Lena, you don’t know what you’re talking about,” Annalise was clenching her fists by this point, “whatever you think you know, it’s in your best interests to stop, trust me”

“Sweetie, there’s no point in hiding it. It’s fairly obvious, you’re….”

“Lena stop,” Annalise interrupted, her knuckles had now turned white and there was an edge to her tone.

“No, girly, you need to stop the lies. You need to come clean for your sake and the sake of your baby”

“What?” Annalise stretched out her fingers, letting the blood flow return to them, “you mean, you don’t, you know about it? But how?

“I’m a mum, sweets, I’ve done it 3 times, I know the signs,” Lena reached out and put her hand on Annalise’s shoulder, “don’t worry I can help. Do you know who the father is?”

“Yes,” Annalise whispered, “but he doesn’t know yet. You can’t say anything to Marco or Kris though, I don’t want anyone knowing.”

“That’s fine, it’s still early, I can understand that. Your secret is safe with me.”

02-14-15_1-51 PM

Kris was still sitting at the table, his breathing had calmed down. Kris had become an expert at controlling his temper, it had plagued him as a child. He’d always struggled with authority figures and being told what he could and couldn’t do. Many days had been spent with his father repairing the doll house that had belonged to his mother as a little girl, that Kris had carelessly destroyed in a fit of anger. Being in this environment had tested his limits and he could feel the rage starting to boil over.

Marco sauntered back into the room and his face dropped when he saw it was just Kris left at the table.

“Oh, it’s you” he growled.

“Yes, it’s me,” Kris growled back.

02-14-15_1-56 PM

“Well, excuse me while I go be around some more decent human beings,” Marco stalked out of the room leaving Kris to try and calm himself down again.

Marco made his way up the stairs and could hear the sound of the girls talking in Annalise’s room. He let himself in, interrupting the girls conversation “and what is going on in here with you two? I’m getting pretty fed up of all the whispering and secrets that are going on here. Don’t tell me you two are the secret love children of the Stately’s too?”

“Seriously, Marco get a grip of yourself,” Lena snapped. “We’re busy, how about you just go and amuse yourself elsewhere.”

02-14-15_1-59 PM

Marco stormed out the room and slammed the door of his own room. He poured himself a drink and turned on the television, before long he had finished the bottle and was falling into bed, on top of the covers and still fully clothed. The house had long since fallen silent with each member of the household returning to their respective rooms for the night. The only sound was from the sports channel Marco had left on.

There was a quiet creaking noise, Marco stirred slightly half opening his eyes but drifting off into his drunken slumber again. The handle turned making a mechanical grinding noise as the inside mechanism performed it’s primary function. The footsteps were silent as they slipped into the room and towards the bed, a gloved hand reach over removing a pillow from the bed. Careful lining up the pillow over Marcos face they heavily pushed the pillow down over his entire face. There wasn’t much of a struggle, the alcohol had worked in their favour, Marco started to twitch and resist against the lack of air that was reaching his lungs and eventually the movements stopped.

02-14-15_2-14 PM

This time there couldn’t be a cover up, it couldn’t be explained as an accident. Something had taken over, they had no control over their actions, this one hadn’t been planned. They weren’t thinking straight. How could this be explained in the morning.

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