A Murder Most Plum | Chapter Eleven

A Murder Most Plum

“K-K-Kris,” Annalise stuttered, “what did you…”

“Annalise,” he was breathless, “are you ok? Did she hurt you?”


“She had a knife, she was waving it about. I thought you were in danger!”

“No. Oh Kris, she was looking for you. She thinks you’re responsible.”

“Me, are you kidding? She was the nutjob waving a knife in your face. It couldn’t have been…”

02-21-15_1-19 AM

Kris dropped the candlestick and bolted out of the kitchen and pounded up the stairs.

“KRIS,” Annalise yelled after him, “where are you going?” she took one last glance at Lena’s lifeless body and raced after Kris.

When she reached the top of the stairs she could hear Kris rummaging around in the room, she turned on her heel and ran towards the room.

“Kris, what on earth…” she walked into her bedroom to find him stood in the middle of the room, surrounded by her clothes and papers. He was clutching a small glass bottle with a clear liquid inside.

“What’s this, Annalise?” he asked.

02-21-15_1-25 AM

“This is ridiculous Kris, what are you doing?”

“The bottle, Annalise, what is in this bottle?”

“What do you think is in the bottle Kris, exactly what are you accusing me of?”

“WHAT IS IN THE BOTTLE, ANNALISE?” Kris was yelling now.

Annalise paused, staring at Kris “It’s perfume, you fool!”

“Of course it is,” he threw the bottle at Annalise and stormed past her.

“Kris, calm down. Just speak to me, we need to talk!”

“I’m not talking to you,” Kris spat back at her.

“You plumming well are!” Annalise reached out and grabbed Kris’s arm, he shoved her in response. Knocking her onto the bed.

Annalise winced and instinctively grabbed her stomach, “Kris, you’re going to be a father…”

02-21-15_1-26 AM

Kris stopped dead in his tracks and turned around slowly. He stared at Annalise and a softness reappeared on his face, only for an instance before it vanished into pure rage again.

“What did you say?”

“I’m pregnant Kris, it’s yours…”

“No, this isn’t happened. This is not happening,” Kris left the room and Annalise sat trying to think of what her next move would be. She didn’t have long to figure this out though as Kris stormed back in with a gun in his right hand.

“Get up,” he barked at Annalise, “MOVE!”

She obliged and stood up, walking towards Kris until she was so close she could feel the warmth of his breath on her face, “it doesn’t need to end like this, Kris.”

Annalise reached her hand out and rested it on the same hand that Kris was holding the gun in, she could feel his hand trembling but she never looked down retaining eye contact.

02-21-15_1-33 AM

BANG. The house fell silent, a moment later a small gasp and thump as the body hit the floor.

Annalise looked over her shoulder, the sun was starting to rise and the manor was casting a shadow that seemed to stretch right out of sight. Annalise knew she’d never get over the events that happened in that manor.

A smile spread across her face and before she knew it she was chuckling to herself.

“Fools,” she muttered under her breath.

02-21-15_1-39 AM

She thought back to the first night in the Manor when she helped Mrs Stately to bring drinks to the table, it was here that she slipped the arsenic into Mr Statelys soda water. It was easy to start the rumour mill to make sure the fingers were pointed at Mrs Stately, why would anyone disbelieve innocent, naïve, kind hearted Annalise? She genuinely felt bad for Mrs Stately, but needs must. The old lady barely put up a struggle when Annalise burst into her room and found her with Kris’s birth lines. Making it look like she’d taken her own life was almost too easy.

And Marco, well, if it hadn’t been her she was sure Kris probably would have got in their next. He was pointing too many fingers, he was too volatile and she couldn’t afford to be found out that late in the game.

The only thing Annalise hadn’t bet on was Kris, she’d grown quite fond of him during their time together, even saw the possibility of a future with him. Now that she was carrying his child they could have shared the fortune together, but he’d never have understood, if only she had gotten rid of that bottle of arsenic, this could have all been over without having to resort to killing him.

She turned and walked away, resting one hand on her stomach, imaging the life that now lay out in front of her.

02-21-15_1-40 AM

The End

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9 thoughts on “A Murder Most Plum | Chapter Eleven

  1. Wow. Annalise had me going. I never thought it was her. I assumed the Stately’s were messing with the rest of them the whole time and weren’t really dead. This was a great story and well-written too. I really enjoyed it. 😀


  2. Oh wow! I love murder mystery stories, and this one had me going in circles for a while. I didn’t know who to believe or suspect, to be honest! I was guessing it was the Statelys, then Annalise, then some unknown third party which we didn’t know of. LOVE the ending. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The little sneak absolutely does! She’s carrying the only blood heir to the Stately fortune. I see it playing out that she manipulates the police into believing it was Kris and she’s acted in self defence of her and her unborn baby so that she’s not a suspect 🙂


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