Rodney’s Room | Introduction

Rodney's Room

Subject: Rodney Dow

Age: Adult

Location: Willow Creek

Aspiration: Mansion Baron

Traits: Insane, Non-Committal, Bookworm, Business Savvy

Assessment: The subject, henceforth known as Rodney, was acquired from the SimCity Mental Facility, after months of searching for a suitable candidate for the experiment Rodney was found and assessed as being the most capable subject.

Rodney must complete his aspiration within an 8×8 plot of land. He was provided with a 20,000 deposit to locate land and build his home for the time of this experiment. Rodney was allowed to purchase any objects he desired within his home, it was explained to Rodney that he must complete his aspiration in the shortest time possible and to choose his possessions wisely.

The following log book has been created to document Rodney’s progress. Rodney has been asked to complete a daily diary so we can track his mental and aspirational journey. He will be monitored via recording devices which will run 24/7.

Pre-Assessment Entry: Rodney Dow is free. The white coats have collected me and dropped me in the grass and I have built my fortress of solitude. Nobody can take me now. Goodbye medicine, hello freedom. I am the winner of this life. I’m the chosen one.


  • Subject starts with 100 points.
  • Each day deducts 1 point.
  • If social needs reach critical deduct 10 points
  • If bills are unpaid deduct 10 points
  • Subject will complete aspirations outside of Mansion Baron, +5 for each level completed, +20 for each full aspiration completed.

Credit to katoregama for this challenge.


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