Rodney’s Room | Week One

Rodney's Room

Day One:

My small cramped space reminds me of the hospital, the only difference is I am alone. There are no white coats here, it’s nice and peaceful. I can listen to my own thoughts again, oh how I have missed them.

03-03-15_2-57 PMMy first day was a busy day. I found some seeds that had been left on the land and planted them, they will grow into marvelous plants that I can look after.

03-03-15_3-01 PMI took part in therapeutic painting classes while at the hospital and I know that the doctors used to take them and sell them. Well not any more, I’m going to make money from my paintings and nobody can steal them from me now.

03-03-15_3-01 PM-2

After I completed my first piece, which was named Gloomy Monday, my plants told me they were thirsty so I gave them some water to drink and helped myself to some of it too. It made them happy and they smiled at me.

03-03-15_3-02 PMDay Two:

Today a woman on the TV was speaking to me. She told me I had to learn to make food. I like grilled cheese so thats what I wanted but then the lady on the TV starting telling me about cakes so I told her I didn’t want no stinkin’ cakes.

03-03-15_4-06 PMI made the TV lady go away and decided I would show her! I made my own grilled cheese, I don’t need to do what anyone tells me to do anymore, I just need to do what Rodney needs to do.

03-03-15_4-08 PMI calmed down straight away. I received a letter in the box, it told me I had to pick a challenge and complete it. I decided that it would be painting. Inside were instructions on how to complete each challenge. I needed to paint for 5 hours and be inspired when I started 3 paintings. So far I’ve done 1 painting and have done this for 3 hours.

03-03-15_4-11 PM

Day Three:

I forgot about my plants yesterday, they were very sad this morning so I tidied them and fixed their thirsty moodlets. They’re starting to get real big – I’m so proud of them.

03-03-15_4-31 PM

I spent some time talking with myself today – I was cracking jokes all over the place but then Rodney told me I was being watched and I did not like that.

03-03-15_4-33 PM

Why are you watching me and making me do this? I can hear your flies buzzing around me recording my moves.

03-03-15_5-01 PM

Day Four:

Today was not good. I set myself on fire.

03-03-15_4-22 PM

Day Five:

My plants gave life to their own plants today so I collected all those bad boys up. Then I found I was able to evolve them. You can imagine my disappointment when they did not grow hands and feet, worst evolution ever.

03-03-15_4-43 PM

I decided that now was the best time to take a nap, I’ve been working pretty damn hard these past few days.

03-03-15_5-11 PM

Day Six:

I completed the first level of my painter challenge. Say hello to You Cannot Control Me. A fine piece of work by an even finer painter.

03-03-15_6-24 PM

I read that plants like being talked to, so I decided to speak to mine. I guess they weren’t in a talkative mood cause they didn’t reply. I hate these stinkin’ plants.

03-03-15_7-14 PMDay Seven:

I showed the TV lady the pancakes I made for breakfast this morning. She was very happy for me.

03-03-15_7-06 PM

I’m having a day of rest today though. I’ve been playing computer games and made a little version of me to play with – he’s currently chilling out in the pool. I wish I had a pool….

03-03-15_7-08 PM

Week One Assessment:

Starting points = 100


  • 1 point for each day = 7


  • Completed Ill at Easel = 5

Total at end of Week One = 98


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