Rodney’s Room | Week Two

Rodney's Room

Day One:

I woke up in a terrible mood this morning, I was dreaming about the hospital again – I’m worried they’re going to send me back there. Rodney ain’t going back. No way, no how.

03-09-15_7-36 PM

I ended up challening my anger into expressing my feelings at that moment, something my doctor always wanted us to do. So here’s a piece I’m calling “I won’t go back there”, and with that I’m officially a Fine Artist. This is apparently where my challenge ends, the next stage needs me to visit a library which I can’t do.

03-09-15_7-42 PM

Day Two:

Today has been great – I got another letter in the box, so now I’m gonna be a Musical Genius. I even mastered the “hold all the strings” chord on my first day.

03-09-15_8-02 PM

Unfortunately, there was something else in the box this morning. without me even noticing someone has slipped in this request for simoleons, from me! Rodney is not impressed with this. Why must I pay to be locked away in this home.

03-12-15_8-38 PM-2

I can’t promise there wont be an angry poop in there next time.

Day Three:

I’ve been researching all day. Some of my plant babies were evolved again and there were still no hands or feet. The simternet says this will not happen. I did find something interesting during my procrastination research, I stumbled across a website about the Sims. I thought it would be great so see what some other folk have been doing with their sims forever games.

03-12-15_9-08 PM-2

I hate these stinkin’ people! They must be playing a new version cause theirs all look really realistic, infact…they look creepily like me. Must investigate more.

Day Four:

I’m scared – am I even who I  think I am? I was up all night researching and my findings are not good. They pretty much solidify my thinkings that we are all being controlled by an unknown force. Just like I controlled the little me inside this screen, is someone playing me on their screen? That’s when I saw the blinking light.

03-12-15_9-13 PM


Day Five:

I’m all alone, trapped in my home, I’m being controlled, by forces unknown. ♫♪♫♪

03-12-15_9-21 PM

According to this, I’m now tone-deaf. I’d say more Clapton but there you go. I’ve began writing a song, detailing my struggles. I must start planning my exit strategy.

Day Six:

Hey you, this mac and cheese is delish.

03-12-15_9-30 PM-2

I had a lightbulb moment. Maybe if I am being controlled by someone else, that can’t be such a bad thing, right? I mean, before I lived here I was just a number, an unknown and now I’m me, I’m Rodney.

Day Seven:

So I was woken up in the middle of the night by a terrifying gargling noise. Had they come to get me?

03-12-15_9-43 PM

But no, it turns out it was only a broken toilet so I fixed that leaky thing up real good. I wrapped up the week on a high by completing the second stage of my musical challenge and now I’m finely tuned. Nice one.

Week Two Assessment:

Starting Points = 98


  • 1 points for each day = 7


  • Fine Artist = 5
  • Tone Deaf = 5
  • Fine Tuned = 5

Total at end of Week Two = 106


4 thoughts on “Rodney’s Room | Week Two

  1. This chapter was so great. I never thought a Room Challenge would be so hilarious. This picture where he was looking at the “camera” while eating… priceless.

    And yes I laughed at the angry poop in the mailbox line too. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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