Rodney’s Room | Week Three

Rodney's Room

Day One:

03-22-15_8-48 PM

I was out tending to the garden this morning when I spotted an unusual sight. People. They were stood, fishing. I went to call out to them but then I remembered part of the agreement that I have is to not talk to anyway, at least I have my plants.

03-22-15_9-19 PM

I ended up spending the entire day with my plants, making sure they weren’t thirsty, that they’re leaves had been trimmed and that all their little plant babies were collected and sold on. I was feeling pretty down all day, I thought it would be great to get away from the hospital, Rodney was on his own living his own life. Rodney is lonely.

Day Two:

I don’t want to complete these entries, they’re being monitored and are being used to control my life. I think my memories have been implanted, I found a website showing people creating life, creating characters like me. If anyone is reading this, please send me more information about this?

03-22-15_9-32 PM-2

I’ve reached out to people in Barnacle Bay, Little Haven, Lucky Palms and many many more in the hope that one of them will be able to provide some more information on what is going on in the world out there. In the meantime, I am putting a stop to completing these challenges I have been sent. Rodney is done.

Day Three:

I had a few responses to my posting, I’ve requested them to send me postcards to my property with any and all leads they may have. I’m hopeful that this will happen. The day was spent tending to my needs and fixing all of the plumbing which decided to start spouting water from every location possible all at the same time.

Day Four:

I’ve been checking the box ever hour or so and so far I’ve not had word from any of my contacts yet. To keep myself from getting upset I’ve been concentrating on my music. It’s soothing for my soul, I’ve even began to write some songs. Mainly about my discoveries, how life may not be what I thought it was after all.

03-27-15_10-57 PM

Day Five:

There was a man watching me today. He just stood and stared at me all day long. I was trying to have a private conversation with my plant friend and he was just stood there. Looking at me. He didn’t speak and neither did I. Did he see my postings on teh forums? I should have said something…stupid Rodney!

03-27-15_11-01 PM

Day Six:

I  received word back – I met a user from Twinbrook called DblTrbl2009 on teh forums, he has sent me a postcard with a link to a user called CathyTea, she has created a page which has combined stories from several “users” with sims who are aware they’re being played and controlled. These beings appear to be in control of our worlds.

03-27-15_11-18 PM

Day Seven:

I was up until the sun rose again reading through all these stories of sims, just like me, some are even part of this experiment that I’m part of. I need to sleep, the fairies have been dancing across my computer table for the last hour….

Week Three Assessment:

Starting points = 106


  • 1 point for each day = 7


  • None

Total at end of Week Three: 99

Sidenote: Subject has started to uncover the truth. Action must be taken to avoid this at all costs.


7 thoughts on “Rodney’s Room | Week Three

    1. He’s starting to struggle! His wee face has been so sad recently…and cause he’s insane he keeps flipping from being freaked out by it all to being calm about it.

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