Rodney’s Room | Week Four

Rodney's Room

Day One:

07-11-15_8-06 PM

What has happened? I fell asleep and woke up and everything had changed! The sofa wasn’t there…the kitchen has moved, my plants have all disappeared! I don’t know what happened, it’s like my life was deleted for the giant save file that is life in error and couldn’t be recovered. But I’m still me, I’m still Rodney, and I will continue on.

Day Two:

Have you ever walked into a room and forgotten what you were going in for? That’s my life on a daily basis. After discovering that I am merely a pixelated form that is in the complete and utter control of some unseen being I have decided to just go with the flow.

07-11-15_8-07 PM

If I get the feeling to do something, as long as I stay docile I seem to be able to get to do it. Rodney wants to play the guitar? Well as long as Rodney doesn’t decide to feel tense then he gets to do it. I’m throwing myself into my tasks. I need to get out of here. But shhh…don’t tell them.

Day Three:

My little plantlings are growing well, they’ve been sprouting out their little plant babies again and we’ve been having an absolute whale of a time. Infact, the carrots told me this great joke the other day: Q: What do you call a baby potato? A: A small fry! Well I have never laughed so long and so hard. In fact, I’m still chuckling away to myself as I write this….small fry, excellent!

07-11-15_8-41 PM

Day Four:

I was so happy to see my old friend in this new place, she’s been telling Rodney all about the flair of the arms when you’re cooking. No cakes today though. I’ve been practicing the arm flair all day today and I think I’ve pretty much nailed it.

07-11-15_8-24 PM

Day Five:

I was sad today, I’ve been missing the old place, there was an old place wasn’t there? Was that a dream, did I imagine that home? But if it was a dream why would I wake up in the same situation but with different coverings? The thinking makes Rodney’s head hurt and that’s when the bad thoughts come back. But I started to have an overwhelming urge to paint, it soothes my soul. It wasn’t exactly what I wanted to do at the time but I guess my controller knows best.

07-11-15_8-20 PM

Day Six:

I was feeling pretty lonely today but it’s OK cause I just reminded myself of the carrots joke from earlier in the week and it cheered me up!

07-11-15_8-44 PM

Day Seven:

Well, I’ve survived another week. Rodney is taking the day off, I’m so sad that I’ve had to start this journey again. I still don’t know whether it was a dream or a nightmare before but I have to keep the positive thoughts in and the negative ones out. Signing off for the day, Rodney!

07-11-15_8-29 PM


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