Rodney’s Room | Week Five

Rodney's Room

Day One:

Should I be worried? Ever since waking up in this new place, I’ve not had any of the envelopes telling me what to do? It’s like I’ve been abandoned. Rodney isn’t liking this. I know the being is still there as I am still getting the overwhelming desires to build my skills, sell my paintings, make meals and pee like a champion. But whatever was on this plane of existence seems to no longer be making contact. The only time I’m getting to myself is when the world goes dark so I’m going to keep updating these entries.

07-19-15_2-16 PM

Day Two:

Guitar day! I love guitar day, I stood outside strumming away for the entire day. I mean, I took a break to eat some food and watch the TV lady again – I’m starting to think she’s sending me messages through the television, she was making a Baked Alaska, was it a message that I have to open up a cake store in Alaska.

07-19-15_2-18 PM

Day Three:

My little plants are growing every day, it’s maybe not so bad that I woke up in this new place as these plants have much better jokes. Today the spinich told a great one! Why did the tomato go out with the prune? Cause he couldn’t find a date! 

07-19-15_2-17 PM

Day Four:

Today I was directed to my easel, I was able to paint out my emotions to try and keep them under control, Angry Rodney and Sad Rodney were battling it out in my head all day so I painted what I felt like they would look as entities. I wish I could keep them, I want to keep them and make my walls look pretty but every time I finish, I get this urge to sell them and that happens. The being is making Rodney do things that Rodney doesn’t want to do!

07-19-15_2-20 PM

Day Five:

Mail arrived, I went to collect the bills as the being had directed me to do so and tucked inside of the envelope was a letter, I managed to hide it from the being in my inventory. After spending the day water my plants and taking and selling the plant babies, the world went dark again and I was able to open the letter, all it said was: Basement. Rodney is so confused!

07-19-15_2-26 PM

Day Six:

A day of rest, I got to play on the computer today, when I felt it was safe and the being wasn’t looking I began to search for the words from my people, all the sites I had found before now had errors all over them…the world has gone quiet. I had to quickly switch back to blicboc when I heard the clicking noise which signaled another command from the being.

07-19-15_2-19 PM

Day Seven:

There’s a hollow spot in my room, it creaks when I stand on it and today I saw some light shining through it. I’m going to investigate but I’m fairy certain there’s gremlins under my bed when it dark so I’m gonna have to find a way to beat them first. Maybe the TV lady will know.

07-19-15_2-27 PM


8 thoughts on “Rodney’s Room | Week Five

  1. Ah Rodney, I wonder what you’re going to find. This should be interesting! I love your take on the Room Challenge, it’s a great idea and I think Rodney is the perfect sim for the job. His madness is perfect.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You’ve really got me on the edge of my seat. I absolutely love how it just goes deeper and deeper into Rodney’s paranoia. And even raises the question of how much of it is actually paranoia :p

    I look forward to the next update.

    Liked by 1 person

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