After, Ever After | 1.1 Melody Atkins

After Ever After

Melody Atkins was orphaned as a baby and grew up in foster homes. On the day of her 18th birthday Melody was kicked out of her foster home as she was no longer eligible for a foster allowance to the parents.

She’d managed to scrape together enough money to rent a tiny home on the outskirts of the city, in a neighbourhood called Newcrest, through babysitting and a weekend job at the coffee shop as a teenager. Melody still worked in the coffee shop, sure it wasn’t the best job ever, but it paid the bills and was decent hours which meant she was able to enjoy her time off work.

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Feeling the sun beat down on her face as she watches the world go by, dreaming about the lives the people she see’s passing her by, of the life she wishes she could lead. This is Melody’s happy place, listening intently to the radio on her phone, an advert comes on offering a free ticket to the prestigious Black & White ball at Cuthbert Manor, a charity event where the rich and famous of Newcrest get together to make themselves feel better.

Melody rolled her eyes and listened to the question, shockingly, it was surprisingly easy, probably a ploy by the radio station to encourage all the mugs to phone into a premium number and having no chance to win. Melody sighed and closed her eyes, she saw herself in a gorgeous gown, twinkling lights all around her and as much as she wanted to be repulsed by the lifestyle these people led she found the overwhelming urge to dial the number of the contest and enter.

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Sitting nervously, she listened to the ringing, wondering if she would be the lucky caller who’d win the ticket. Listening to the ringing in her ear Melody could feel the butterflies working away in her stomach. She’d never wanted and not wanted something at the same time so much in her life.

“Congratulations caller, you’re through to S4FM – tell us, what’s the answer?” came the voice on the other end of the line.

Melody gulped, “um…is it…green?”

There was a silence that dragged on for what felt like a lifetime, “call, that is…THE RIGHT ANSWER! Stay on the line while we get your details.”

Melody gave her name and address to the next voice that came onto the phone, who advised her ticket would be with her shortly through the post.

07-19-15_12-30 PM


Rushing home, Melody rifled through her wardrobe. The Black & White ball was know for it’s glamour and she needed to make sure she fit in. Not finding anything suitable in what she already owned, Melody headed to the boutique, thumbing through all the dresses they had on offer, her eye glanced over to a sparkling white number. Trying it on Melody knew this was the dress that she was going to wear, but on looking at the price tag recalled in horror. She’s never be able to afford that.

07-19-15_1-12 PM


Heading home feeling dejected, Melody settled on her sofa with a bowl of Ice Cream to watch whatever grabbed her attention on the television first, flicking through the channels she settled on Cinderella. Oh how she wished for a fairy godmother to come along and make her dress appear out of nothing. That’s when it hit her, hadn’t she seen an old sewing machine in the attack that the previous owners had left?

Rushing upstairs, Melody carried the machine downstairs and set it up in her livingroom, if she couldn’t buy her dress she’d be her own fairy godmother and make her dress.

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