After, Ever After | 1.3 The Ball: Part 1

After Ever After

It was Saturday morning and Melody was woken up by a stream of sunlight into her bedroom. As she rubbed her eyes sleepily, she was in that blissful state of still being in dream mode and then she froze and gasped.

“It’s Saturday,” she said aloud.

07-19-15_4-03 PM

The morning of the Black & White ball. Melody had spent the last 3 days working tirelessly at her sewing machine putting together the final touches to her outfit and she was so impressed with her work, she was sure none of the elite that were attending the party would even notice that she her dress was home made. She’d even picked up a special accessory to make her stand out in the crowd.

Excited to start getting ready, Melody jumped out of bed and made a dash for the bathroom, filling the tub and pouring in the bubbles she was going to dedicate the day to pampering herself before the party.

07-19-15_4-18 PM

At the Cuthbert household, the day wasn’t going ahead with such a start.

“Master Cuthbert?” a soft voice called from behind the bedroom door, “time to get up sir, big party tonight remember?”

Anthony grunted, it was Lisa at the door, she had worked for the Cuthberts since Anthony was a baby.

“Master Cuthbert,” Lisa was now in the room, “c’mon sir, out of bed. It’s nearly noon! I’ve made up some fresh pancakes for your breakfast.”

“With syrup?” Anthony asked from under his covers.

07-19-15_4-45 PM

“Of course,” Lisa answered.

“And a stick of butter?” Anthony asked.

“As if it wouldn’t” Lisa replied, “c’mon up you get before it gets cold.”

“Ok, ok, I’m up,” Anthony heaved himself out of bed and padded down to the kitchen as Lisa got busy tidying his room after him.

07-19-15_4-47 PM

Melody sat at her vanity table and looked at herself in the mirror, “right, let’s do something with this face first,” she said to herself.

07-19-15_4-01 PM

Wearing makeup, doing her hair and getting dressed up wasn’t something that was very high on Melody’s list of things she did often, she was always too busy picking up extra shifts at the coffee shop to be bothered going out with the girls whenever they had asked.

There was a toot outside, Melody looked up at the clock, time to go. She took one last look in the mirror before she dashed out the front door.

07-19-15_4-20 PM

Anthony was milling around the drinks fountain. There were plenty of people around him but he had no interest in speaking with any of them. He could see his mother and father were tucked away in the corner speaking intently with the Cavazos’. Mr Cavazos was a business partner of his fathers and he’d been aware of their daughter, Julissa who was a couple of years young than him, watching him intently at each party they attended.

07-19-15_4-59 PM

Anthony sighed and thought to himself that he had best start at least making an effort to talk to the guest, to avoid an ear bashing from his mother. Looking around him, he stood frozen, he felt the little hairs on the back of his neck standing on end. Who was she?

07-19-15_5-09 PM


8 thoughts on “After, Ever After | 1.3 The Ball: Part 1

  1. Gosh!!! That’s amazing! She’s amazing. You’re amazing. Hehe.

    I can’t wait to see what happens. She looks stunning though. Definitely the type of lady to catch his eye!


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