After, Ever After | 1.5 The Chase

After Ever After

Anthony was sat at his computer, the same place he’d been all night.

“Master Cuthbert,” Lisa said, slightly shocked, “you’re already up. Are you feeling alright?”

“Yeah, Lisa, I’m fine,” Anthony replied, “I’m looking for someone.”

“Who? Surely it’s easier to look for this person outside, it’s not like they’re going to be inside the computer,” Lisa queried.

08-09-15_8-24 PM

Anthony rubbed his head, “Lisa, I’m trying to find out who she is, where she works, where she lives. All I have is a first name. Melody. There surely can’t be that many around here!”

“Perhaps Mrs Cuthbert will know, this girl is bound to be on the guest list,” Lisa offered.

“No, already tried it. She was one of those competition winners. Which just intrigues me more, she’s clearly not one of the socialites that my parents are constantly trying to set me up with,” Anthony continued to furiously type away at his computer.

08-09-15_8-28 PM

Melody was brewing a cup of coffee, day dreaming.

“Melody?!” came a startled voice which broke her out of her dream state, “the coffee!!!”

There was steam pouring out of the machine as Melody brisky pulled the pot out and set it on top of the counter, “sorry, Danni, I was in another world there.”

Danni scoffed, “yeah the one where you think you’re running around kissing the heirs to the most affluent family in town again?”

“Yeah, that one,” Melody sighed.

“Girl, you need to get over that,” Danni stated, “you were at that party over a month ago, if this actually happened don’t you think he would have come looking for you by now?”

Melody smiled weakly at Danni, “I guess you’re right.”

08-09-15_8-37 PM

The bell signaled a new customer had entered, Melody looked up ready to flash her best grin but instead stood frozen to the spot. It was Anthony, and he was with another girl.

Danni threw an evil grin in Melody’s direction, “on you go,” she mouthed and made a kissing face.

“What would you like, Julissa?” Anthony asked the woman.

“I’ll have an Austrian goat milk double-half-calf-half-decaf-soy milk cappuccino – extra hot – with a dash of Madagascar cinnamon-and a half tablespoon of caramel-latte-frappe-mocha,” she responded while looking around the small shop with a look of disgust on her face.

“Yeah, they’re not gonna have that, go grab a seat over there and I’ll order you something,” Anthony replied with a strained smile.

08-09-15_9-04 PM

He turned to look at Melody, his gaze lingered for a moment and Melody was sure that her heart beat could be heard over the music that was playing in the background.

“Hi there,” Anthony smiled,” two decafs please and can you bring them over?”

Melody went speak but nothing came out her mouth so instead she nodded and turned to face the coffee machine and stop the tears she could feel forming in her eyes from erupting. Side stepping into the staff room, Melody looked at Danni, “I’m going home, I feel like I’m gonna throw up. Sorry,” and with that she dashed out the back.

“Yeah, I knew you were making that story up!” Danni called after her, tutting and heading out to the front of the cafe to finish Anthony and Julissa’s order.

Melody sat silently on the edge of her bed, putting her head in her hands, “oh I’m such an idiot, what was I thinking!” There was a loud knock at her front door, hesitating for a moment Melody got up and walked towards it, through the glass pane she was able to see Anthony stood at her door, “what the…” she said aloud.

08-09-15_9-21 PM

Two hours later, the pair were sat on Melody’s couch, “so, I just gave that Danni girl some pocket change when I realised it was you and she told me where I could find you, so here I am!”

“Wow,” Melody smiled, “I can’t believe you’re sat here.”

Anthony eyes hit the floor, “well, I spent a good while trying to track you down, you weren’t lying about the mysterious park. So, can I take you out?”

“Of course,” Melody managed to squeak out.

08-09-15_9-24 PM


8 thoughts on “After, Ever After | 1.5 The Chase

    1. I am not a coffee drinker, i actually really don’t like the stuff at all so spent a good 20 minutes or so googling “pretentious coffee orders” to find something, so I’m not even sure if Madagascar cinnamon is even a real thing 😀

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I use Ceylon cinnamon–oooh! Yummy! It’s different from cassia or typical Chinese cinnamon. I’ve never heard of Madagascar cinnamon but it sounds pretentious and delicious! 🙂


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