After, Ever After | 1.6 Meet the Cuthberts

After Ever After

Melody woke up with a smile on her face, in fact, she’d had a smile on her face permanently for the past 2 months. 14 dates, 22 sleep overs and uncountable number of kisses had been crammed into the last 2 months with Anthony. Melody couldn’t remember a time when she had been happier.

Danni’s smugness had been cut short after Anthony had approached her in the coffee shop to get Melody’s details so she was relieved that the mocking had stopped, however, the fakeness that had appeared in its place was less than welcome.

08-11-15_10-16 AM

“Melody, sweetie,” Danni gushed, “I am so happy to see you today! How’s Anthony?”

“He’s fine, we’re fine, everything is fine. Thank you,” Melody replied with a grin as she headed into the staff room to clock in for her shift.

She’d taken the early morning shift with Danni that day, tonight was an important night. She’d officially be meeting Anthony’s parents, thinking back to the Black & White ball she had attended, Melody remembered her introduction to Francesca Cuthbert, an older lady, who seemed nice enough. The rest of the day was spent watching the clock tick away the hours.


At the Cuthbert household, Anthony was feeling just as apprehensive, “mother, please be nice. I really like this girl.”

“I’m sure you do dear,” Francesca responded, “but your father and I must approve. We can’t have just anyone joining our family. Who are these girls parents? Where does she come from? Goodwin, please, tell your son.”

Goodwin Cuthbert was buried nose deep in that mornings newspaper, “sorry?”

Francesca tutted, “honestly, Goodwin, I don’t know why I bother sometimes,” and with that she got up and left the table.

“Look son,” Goodwin carefully placed is paper on the dining table, “if you like this girl, I’m sure we’ll like her too. Don’t be so nervous.”

08-11-15_10-40 AM

“Easier said that done, Father,” Anthony sighed, “nobody is ever going to get mother’s approval, well, except Julissa but that just isn’t going to be happening in this lifetime.”

Goodwin chuckled and returned back to his newspaper without saying another word.


As she played with her keys in the lock of her door, Melody felt her phone vibrating in her bag. Juggling between getting in her house, looping her bag over her shoulder and grabbing her phone she managed to miss the call. Settling on her couch she checked her phone and found it was Anthony calling, she immediately called him back.

“Hi there! Sorry, you caught me at a bad time,” Melody said, “Ah-ha, yeah, ok, no no I’ll make my own way over you don’t need to come get me. Honestly, it’s fine. Seven o’clock, see you then!”

Melody fiddled nervously at the front door of Anthony’s home, she smoothed down her dress making sure there were no creases before raising her hand and knocking on the door. Although she’d been in before, this felt so much different and she couldn’t banish the butterflies in her stomach.

08-11-15_11-06 AM

Sitting around the table, The Cuthberts made idle chit chat with Melody, it was the usual questions; where did you grow up? What do you do for a living?.

Melody smiled sweetly. answering their questions. She knew that Anthony’s parents just wanted to know about her, surely it was out of caring for their son but Melody couldn’t shake the feeling that there was more behind their line of questioning. As the evening drew to a close, Anthony offered to see Melody home, which she was only too happy to accepted.

Francesca and Goodwin were in Goodwin’s office, “I’m telling you Goodwin, it’s her, it has to be,” Francesca said in hushed tones.

“It can’t be, I took care of that years ago!” Goodwin replied.

“Did you not see the necklace? She told me it was a family heirloom, it’s the exact same one that she used to wear,” Francesca had venom in her voice.

“Franny, sweetheart. It was a long time ago, that woman is gone now and there’s no way the baby could have survived, it’s all a coincidence.” Goodwin placed a hand on Francesca’s arm.

“My gut is telling me she has to be, she looks just like that woman and she has the eyes of her father,” Francesca growled at Goodwin, shrugging his arm off her, “this is just so wrong, Anthony needs to stop seeing this girl. I can’t have him falling for her, it’s disgusting! Thankfully, I know just what to do.”

08-11-15_11-19 AM


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