After, Ever After | 1.7 The Message

After Ever After

“Master Cuthbert,” Lisa entered Anthony’s bedroom, he was sat at his desk, “you have mail sir,” she placed the letters on his desk and exited the room as silently as she entered.

Anthony looked at the envelopes in front of him, he recognised some of the logo’s on the front, his bank, his phone contract, some charity requests but there was a small hand written envelope sitting in the pile, he didn’t recognise the hand writing and in this age of technology who send a letter like this?

08-11-15_12-48 PM

Opening up, he scanned the words in front of him and crinkled his brow.

My Dearest Anthony,

It is with a heavy heart that I find myself writing this to you.
You are such a strong and intelligent man and I am not good enough
for you. You have a path that you must follow and that path cannot
include me.

Please do not contact me, I have changed my number and my email
address. Please do not come to my work, it must be this way. Seeing
you would be too hard for me and I know that you care enough about
me that you wouldn’t want that.

With Care,

There was a knock on the study door, “come in,” called our Goodwin, looking up from his computer he saw it was Anthony, “hello, son. What can I do for you?”

Anthony sighed heavily, “read this,” and handed his father the letter.

“I see,” Goodwin replied, “well, you can’t win them all, son,” placing the letter down he called out, “Francesca, could you come in here please?”

Francesca appeared in the room moments later, “well, if it isn’t my two favourite men.”

“I think you need to see this,” Goodwin looked at her over the rim of his glasses and passed her the letter.

“Oh my,” Francesca placed a sympathetic hand on Anthony’s shoulder, “it’s really for the best though darling. It was never going to last, you’re both from different worlds, it just wouldn’t have been a good fit.”

08-11-15_1-00 PM

Anthony looked at his mother, “that’s not true. Who are you to decide who would be a good fit for me? I’m going to see her right now”

“Anthony,” Goodwin moved towards his son, “she’s made it pretty clear that she’s not interested. You should really leave the girl be like she’s asked you to do.”

Anthony silently left the room and disappeared up the stairs.

Francesca turned to Goodwin, “do you think it’ll be enough?”

“I hope so,” Goodwin smiled weakly at his wife and returned to his desk.

Melody had woken up in such a good mood that morning, whistling to herself as she made breakfast. There was a rattling at the door as her mail fell through the letter box and hit the floor. That’s when everything changed.

Included in her normal, what felt like endless, stack of bills was a letter with the Cuthbert logo stamped in the corner. Melody smiled, was Anthony writing to her, she couldn’t help but romanticise the idea of him sat composing a love letter to her, it all felt so classic and romantic.

However, on opening the letter, Melody found an entirely different feeling washing over her.


I know that we have been enjoying ourselves recently. It’s
been so thrilling getting to know you. However, I must follow
the path that has been set out in front of me. I need to step up
and manage my families business and if I am to settle down it
will need to be with someone who can understand the commitments
I will have to my work.

You deserve to be with someone who can devote their time to you and
not someone who will be working for 15 hours out of the day. You
would not enjoy that life and I won’t subject you to that. I hope you
can understand that. I will not be making any further contact with
you and I ask the same from you.

Have a wonderful life,

Melody burst into tears, how could this be true? She fumbled for her phone and dialed Anthony’s number, it went straight to voicemail.

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