After, Ever After | 1.8 Five Months Later

After Ever After

It had been 154 days since Melody received Antony’s letter. Danni had returned back to her snarky ways, mocking Melody for thinking she ever had a change with Anthony.

“It was only a matter of time,” Danni said one day, “look, I know I can be a bit harsh on you sometimes but surely even you can see that he was using you? A little bit of rough to get back at Mummy and Daddy! Those people are all the same, they’re made for each other, it’s better just to leave them to it and not let them try to get involved in your life.”

08-18-15_1-50 PM

Melody sighed, “I never thought I’d agree with you, Danni”

After finishing up her shift, Melody packed up her uniform and headed for the park. The sun was shining and she had packed her favourite book to escape in to.

“Anthony, dear,” Francesca’s shrill voice traveled up the stairs, “Julissa is here, please come down.”

08-18-15_2-15 PM

In the livingroom Julissa was sat with Goodwin as Francesca returned to her seat, “oh darling, I’m so happy for you both. This really is a match made in heaven, two strong, stable and successful families will be joined as one. Loves young dream, that’s what I was just saying to Goodwin about you both.”

“Yes, indeed,” Goodwin grinned at Julissa, “you make quite the couple.”

“I know,” Julissa cooly and confidently replied, “really though, it was only a matter for time before he came to his senses, running around with poorer side of town was just an embarrassment really.”

The three of them laughed as Anthony entered the room, “sweetheart!” Julissa called out.

08-18-15_2-18 PM-2

“Hi,” Anthony muttered in reply, “we best get going, I’ve planned a picnic in the park for us today.”

“Oh how sweet,” Francesca beamed, “you kids have fun now,” she called out as they left the house.

“Looks like everyone had the same idea,” Anthony sighed when he saw how busy the park was.

Julissa strained a smile, “yes, quite the busy little place isn’t it? But when you said we were going for a picnic in the park I assumed you meant the Landgraabs private gardens, I wasn’t aware you meant this place. I mean, look at all the poor people, I just feel so sorry for them, they must just be so sad.”

08-18-15_2-43 PM

“Seriously, Julissa, sometimes I wonder how you don….” Anthony stopped dead in his tracks. His stomach dropped to his feet and his heart jumped into his throat. Sitting there, with her head in a book, was Melody. He took a deep breath and turned his back to where she was sitting, “y’know maybe you’re right let’s get out of her.”

“Oh thank goodness,” Julissa said, “my skin already feels like the bugs are crawling all over it, this would never happen over at the private gardens, they’ve installed new filters that pump out bug spray, if only they could install something similar for these people…”

“Ah-ha, look just turn that way and let’s go,” Anthony started ushering Julissa away.

At that exact moment, Melody looked up to see what the commotion was that had caught her peripheral vision. She started, mouth open at what was in front of her. Anthony and that girl, he had been with at the coffee shop, the one his parents were desperate to get him together with, the one he said was so vapid and stuck up that he couldn’t think of anything worse than being in the same room as her.

Melody blinked away the tears that were stinging in her eyes, she quickly packed her bag, got up and turned to walk away. Anger bubbled up inside her and before she knew it she had turned and was storming towards Anthony.

08-18-15_2-46 PM

“You absolute scumbag,” she yelled, Anthony turned around and Melody squared up to him, “how dare you come here flaunting her in front of me.”

“Melody, please calm down,” Anthony looked nervously around him at the people who had started to turn around.

“No, I won’t calm down, this is my place. I brought you here, I let you in and you do what? You bring her, you told me you didn’t even like her! I guess everyone was right about you, you never cared about me, you just used me to rebel against your parents, get something out of your system before you moved on to the stuck up brats that run in your own circles, I’m embarrassed for you. Now leave, you’re not welcome here!” Melody felt an immediate release, she’d spend time feeling sorry for herself but letting all of the pent up anger and frustration she had felt was amazing.

08-18-15_2-51 PM

“Look,” now it was Anthony’s turn to start raising his voice, “you’re the one that broke up with me, you’re the one that said you didn’t want any of this, you ran from me, not the other way around. I tried to contact you, you changed your number. I went to your work, that girl said you’d quit and moved away. I had no way of getting in touch.”

“Wait, what did you say? I never broke up with you. You broke up with me, by sending a letter through the post! I took some time off work and went to visit a friend in Oasis Springs, I never quit work, I never moved Danni was trying to protect me, I guess and I only changed my number because I lost my phone. I came to your house before I left for Oasis Springs, your mother told me to go, that you had made it clear you didn’t want to see me. I was heartbroken.”

Anthony’s face went blank as the truth of what had happened spread through him, his eyes narrowed and through gritted teeth he said, “Mother.”

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