After, Ever After | 1.9 Lots Of Vast Emotions – Finale Part 1

After Ever After

Anthony stormed up the pathway to his home, swinging the door open and shouting “Mother, Father, where are you?”

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His face was distorted in rage as he burst into each room. Finding Francesca in the kitchen with Goodwin and Lisa, Anthony marched up to her.

“Mother,” he barked, “I need to talk to you right now.”

Francesca had a look of shock on her face, “Anthony, dear, what’s wrong?” that’s when her face dropped as she saw Melody sheepishly appear in the room behind Anthony, “what’s she doing here?”

“I think you need to explain something to both of us,” Anthony questioned.

“I…I don’t know what you mean,” Francesca flashed a look at Goodwin.

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Goodwin stepped in, “son, come over here and calm down.”

“No father, you’re obviously involved in whatever has gone on here so explain it to me. Now.”

“It’s not what you think darling,” Francesca took a step towards Anthony who immediately flinched away, “I only have your feelings at the heart of my actions. Did I go around it the wrong way? Yes, maybe. But you have no idea who she is.”

“Who is she? Tell me, you keep saying I don’t know well spit it out so I do know!” Anthony yelled.

“Goodwin, please talk to him. This is all because of you after all,” Francesca pleaded.


“I don’t care what either of you think, I love Melody!” Anthony turned to Melody who was staring at him, mouth open. Softening his tone, Anthony said, “Melody, you are perfect, please believe me when I say this. I love you. This is not about my parents or my name or any of that. I would happily give it all up in an instant just to spend the rest of my life with you.”

“No Anthony,” Francesca shrieked, “you can’t do this, you don’t understand

Anthony spun around to face her, “No mother, you are the one who doesn’t understand.”

“Anthony, son, please you must listen to us. You can’t do this, you have no idea the can of worms you’re opening.”

“I don’t care,” Anthony yelled, turning back round to Melody and dropping to one knee, “Melody, marry me?”

Melody gasped, as tears appeared in her eyes, “yes, of course I will!”

08-24-15_10-47 PM

Francesca threw herself in between Anthony and Melody, “no, I will not allow this. Anthony if you go ahead with this you are finished, you will not be welcome in this house or this family any longer.”

“You’re right mother,” Anthony’s tone had soften, he looked at Melody, “Melody, she’s right. I’m so sorry,” turning back to look at Francesca, “goodbye mother.”

Anthony breezed passed Francesca as he took Melody’s hand and led her out of the house. Francesca and Goodwin looked at each other and silence fell in the Cuthbert household.

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10 thoughts on “After, Ever After | 1.9 Lots Of Vast Emotions – Finale Part 1

    1. It’ll be interesting to hear everyone’s theories where but I totally get folk wanting to wait till it ends to share it though. Not long now season one finale will be up in the next couple of hours


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