After, Ever After | 1.10 The Truth Will Out – Finale Part 2

After Ever After

Back at Melody’s Anthony was still seething.

“How dare they try to tell me how I can run my life, it’s unacceptable. I can’t believe they’ve done this. Who do they think they are? I hate them!” he raged.

“Anthony,” Melody soothed, “please calm down. You know I’m angry too but they’re your parents, I’d do anything do have my parents around so please don’t do anything too hasty.”

Anthony sat next to Melody, “I’m sorry, you’re right. I don’t understand how you can be so calm, I’m furious at both of them, they tried to break us up.”

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“I know, but you don’t know why. It sounds like your mother had a pretty good reason to do what she did. I’m not saying what she did was ok, because it’s not but she’d have been acting out of love for you, she would have been worried about you. Life’s too short to spend it being angry like this at your family, take tonight to calm down, we’ll both go back tomorrow to speak to them calmly and understand their side of the story.” Melody said.

Melody made tea that night and picked out a film for them to watch together, she couldn’t quite believe that she, Melody Atkins was at this moment in time, engaged to Anthony Cuthbert. It really felt like a fairy tale. She was on cloud 9 as she went to bed that night, lying next to Anthony and feeling his warmth as she drifted off to sleep.

08-25-15_11-15 PM

The sun was streaming through the window as Melody sleepily opened her eyes. She’d been having the most wonderful dream, white dresses, flowers and being married. She stretched her arm out to where Anthony had been lying to find an empty space, feeling her stomach drop she sat straight up in the bed in slight panic. That’s when her eyes cast upon the garment hanging on the back of her door.

It was her wedding dress, it had been one year since Anthony had proposed to Melody. One year ago since he last spoke to either of his parents, one year of planning to distract herself from it all. She loved Anthony dearly but he was burying his emotions and she knew it was a recipe for disaster, he’d wanted to have the wedding as quickly as possible and she’d gone along with it to keep him happy.

He was staying with a friend tonight as he’d wanted to go along with the tradition of seeing the bride before the wedding being bad luck. Melody smiled to herself, surely they’d had all the bad luck they could possible face?

Taking her dress out of its cover, Melody ran her fingers along the lace. It was the most beautiful piece of clothing she had ever owned. Slipping into the dress she sat at her vanity table and began fixing her hair, she couldn’t stop smiling as she admired herself in the mirror.

08-25-15_11-45 PM

There was a thud downstairs as the mail of the day arrived, heading downstairs she noticed a large brown envelope, it was different to the ones she would normally receive and thicker too. Settling down on her couch she opened it up and inside was a file with the name “Atkins” written along the side tab, attached to the front was a hand written letter saying “It’s time you knew the truth.”

Melody’s hands were trembling as she flicked through the papers held within the file, information on her parents, clippings from newspapers describing the accident that took them away. Melody’s mother had been heavily pregnant when she perished in the fire of the factory she worked in, Melody’s father had been one of the managers he’d been in the building at the same time. A freak accident the article said, bad wiring was believed to be the culprit. Melody’s mother was rushed to the hospital and was badly burned, she passed shortly after Melody was delivered, her father didn’t make it out the building alive.

Tears began to drop onto the paper, there was some photo’s too that she was flicking through. Surveillance photographs showing a shadowy figure walking out of the building, locking the door and turning, their face caught on the camera. Melody gasped and dropped the file, “Mr Cuthbert.”

There was a knock on the door, Melody looked up to find the driver that was due to take her to the wedding venue cheerily waving at her, she looked from him and back to the photographs on the floor, too shocked the move.

08-25-15_11-28 PM

The End.


15 thoughts on “After, Ever After | 1.10 The Truth Will Out – Finale Part 2

  1. What an ending! Poor Melody. I wonder what the reason for Mr. Cuthbert attempting to kill her parents was? :/

    I’ll be honest with you, I thought that Melody was Anthony’s sister through Mr. Cuthbert having an affair with her mother. I don’t know whether to be happy or not now that I know the truth! xD

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