The Constant Legacy | 1.01 Hit Restart

The Constant Legacy

Lee took a deep breath, the fresh air hit his lungs like an explosion.  Reaching down he ran his fingers through the grass, the early morning dew still lay heavily and as Lee lifted his hand, the residue glistened in the sun.

It was a far cry from the hustle and bustle of San Myshuno, where Lee had grown up, a move and a new start was exactly what the doctor had ordered. Newcrest was being touted as the perfect mix of city and suburb life, situated just on the outskirts of the city but only a stones throw from Willow Creek.

Lee rifled in his backpack for the key to his new home, he’d packed up and sold his apartment and all his belongings to purchase the piece of land in Newcrest. Looking around his new neighbourhood, it looked like he was one of the first residents to arrive. The plot of land he’d purchased was much larger than the quaint home that lay on it and Lee had been surprised at even being able to afford the place.

The door creaked and echoed around the home as he slowly opened it to reveal a sparse living room, the open plan kitchen held only the bare necessities. To the side of the living room was a door which led to the tiny bedroom and en suite, again the only furnishings were the absolute minimum that Lee would need to survive.

“Well, nobody said starting over was going to be easy,” Lee heaved as he sat on the edge of the bed. He leaned back to lie down on the mattress, feeling every spring there was, Lee closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Lee stirred, opening his eyes and blinking a few times he tried to force his eyes to adjust to his new surroundings, there was a banging sound coming from the front of the house and he could hear the muffled sounds of people talking. Wondering who it could possibly be, Lee staggered through to the living room, stabilising himself against the frame of the bedroom door as he went. The banging on the door continued, Lee quickly straightened out the front of his shirt and opened the door.

“Hi, welcome to the neighbourhood,” the voice boomed as a mans hand thrusted its way towards Lee.

Lee accepted the handshake as a woman peered her head around from behind the man and waved. Bewildered for a second, Lee managed to gather himself to invite the couple in, “sorry its so sparse in here,” he mumbled.

The lady flashed him a warm smile, “don’t you worry about that dear,” she was older than Lee had originally noticed but he immediately felt at ease around her.

“What’s your name, son?” the gentleman asked.

“Lee Constant,” he responded.

“Nice to meet you Lee, I’m James Bridge and this is my wife Linda,” James gestured towards Linda who waved again, “we’re your neighbours.”

Lee pulled a chair from his dining table and sat down as James and Linda perched on his small sofa. James explained that he and his wife had moved to Newcrest from Oasis Springs, he owned his own business and Linda was a housewife who loved to bake, they’d never had kids which was a decision they’d both made in their younger years.

“So tell us about yourself,” Linda asked.

“Oh, I’m nothing exciting,” Lee shuffled his feet, “I grew up in the city and just fancied a change, I guess.”

Linda frowned a little and tilted her head to the side, “a city boy, huh? You’re so young why would you want to move way out here?”

“Linda, don’t interrogate the poor boy,” James said, “so, have you got yourself a job sorted out then?”

Lee blushed and rubbed his hand on the back of his neck, “I hadn’t really thought that far ahead I guess.”

“I see,” James responded, “well it’s not much but I have a couple of entry level jobs available, it’s nothing exciting but its a job, it pays OK and there’s always opportunities available to be promoted within if you’re willing to put the work in.”

“Wow, that’s really kind of you James, are you sure, we’ve only just met?” Lee asked.

“I’ll hear none of it, we’re neighbours, we should look out for each other. Now, we’ll get out of your hair and let you get settled in. Don’t be a stranger,” James rose to his feed and started to stride towards the front door, “Linda, come on, we’ll be late for our dinner reservations.”

Linda scurried after James, “see you later Lee, again, really lovely to meet you.”

As the door closed behind the pair, Lee sighed heavily, returned the chair to his table and stared into his pretty empty fridge. Back outside, James and Linda Harris were walking towards their home, Linda turned to her husband, “James, he’s hiding something,” she said.

James scoffed, “don’t be so silly dear, how could you possibly think that after such a short time.”

Linda shrugged, “I just have a feeling.”


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