The Constant Legacy | 1.03 A Chance Meeting

The Constant Legacy

Things at work had been going well for Lee, he’d always been a hard worker, he had to be. Mark had become a good friend to Lee and had taken him under his wing. It was the end of the week and Mark had given Lee the good news that he’d be stepping up to manage their team while Mark went home to visit family.


“You’ll do great,” Mark said.

“I hope so, I’m just worried about what people will say, some of the guys have been there much longer than me,” Lee replied.

Mark laughed, “don’t be daft. If they wanted the opportunity then they should have said something sooner.”

The two men finished their drinks and Mark grabbed his jacket, “it’s an early start for me tomorrow I’m afraid so I better shoot off.”

“Have a nice time off and I’ll see you when you’re back,” Lee said.

The next morning Lee decided to visit the local park. He’d seen the flyers advertising a neighbourhood BBQ and he was still low on the friend count so thought this would be a great opportunity to introduce himself to some of his neighbours.

It was a glorious day but Lee had noticed that this was the case most of the days. The park was bustling and everyone seemed to be in little groups, which was a bit intimidating to Lee, he didn’t want to interrupt the groups. His self doubt started to creep in and as he stood there contemplating turning on his heel and returning home he noticed what may have been the only other sim in the park who was on their own.

“Mind if I join you?” Lee said to the woman who looked to be deep in thought at a chess table.

She looked up and quietly nodded as Lee pulled out the seat and sat down, “I’m Lee,” he smiled.

“Becky,” she responded and returned her gaze to the board.

Lee shuffled his feet awkwardly, “so, you like chess?” he asked.

Becky looked up at him and smiled, “no, truth be told I totally forgot this neighbourhood thing was on. I was just wanting to get out of the house for a bit of peace and quiet. Me and my flatmate were out last night and she ended up inviting a load of folk back from the bar, I went to bed but my living room is currently filled with sleeping sims.”

The pair chatted for the next few hours, there was a soft buzz in his pocket. As he pulled out his phone to see he had 3 texts and 2 missed calls, reading through the messages they were all from Lisa reminding him about her house party that night.

“Is that your girlfriend checking up on you?” Becky laughed.

Lee blushed and stammered, “uh, no, its a friend, its a girl and she’s a friend but its not a girlfriend.”

Becky raised her eyebrow and smirked, “if you say so, I need to get going through Lee. Thanks for keeping me company, maybe I’ll see you around?”

Before Lee could say anything, Becky was walking away towards the exit of the park.

“Well done Lee,” he scolded himself, “that was smooth.”



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