The Constant Legacy | 1.04 The House Party

The Constant Legacy

Lee took the scenic route home, he loved choosing a new way to make it back to his house. Since moving in the houses around him at shot up and filled him with envy. Beautiful huge homes with perfectly manicured gardens had sprung up all around him and he felt that his wealthy neighbours weren’t too happy with this little shack and empty lot.

He didn’t have much time to dwell on this as Lisa was blowing up his phone with texts and calls demanding his presence at her party. He had hoped he’d be able to skip it, although Lee liked Lisa, as a friend, she was just a bit full on for him and Mark wouldn’t be there to provide a handy distraction.

Lee quickly jumped in the shower and changed clothes and headed out to the other side of town. As he was approaching Lisa’s house he could hear the music blaring from the windows and the sounds of people chattering, he took a deep breath and turned the handle to walk into the door.

There were tons of people and he hardly recognised any of them, weaving his way in and out between the pockets of people Lee made his way to the kitchen and poured himself a drink. He was standing in the corner when Lisa came bursting into the room.

“Leeeeeee,” she squealed, “you’re here, finally! Isn’t this just so much fun.”

Lee smiled politely, “it sure is Lisa.”

She grabbed his arm and pulled him away and into another room. Her bedroom.

“Finally, we have a chance to speak,” she said, “you know really speak.”

Lee cleared his throat, “we speak every day at work, Lisa.”

Lisa moved closer to Lee when there was an almighty crash from outside the door.

Lee spun his head around, “what was that?”

Putting her hand on his face, Lisa turned Lee to face her again, “it’s nothing, ignore it.”

Just as she began to lean in closer to him the door swung open, “Lisa! You need to get this under control, who are all these people? Someone just smashed the window!”

“Can’t you see I’m busy,” Lisa snapped.

“I can, but that doesn’t change the fact that half the city are currently in our living room, that’s what happens when you post it all over Simbook!”

“Calm down, Lee this is my flatmate…” Lisa started.

“Becky?” Lee asked.

She smiled, “told you you I’d see you around.”

Lisa huffed as she stood up and stormed out the room, she started to yell at the sims that were pouring into her house but someone turned up the music in response and drowned her yells out.

“I meant to ask for your number earlier,” Lee said.

“What?” Becky shouted, it was almost impossible to hear anything over the music now.

Lee pulled out his phone, pointed at Becky, pointed at the phone and then through her a thumbs up and as soon as he did, he cringed a little inside.

Becky raised her eyebrow and smirked but took the phone and put her number into it and mimicked Lee’s thumbs up before walking out the room.

He sat back down on the bed and stared at his phone



4 thoughts on “The Constant Legacy | 1.04 The House Party

  1. I knew it! I was getting the inkling that she might have been Lisa’s roommate or atleast a relative! Ha take that Lisa Becky’s not even trying and she’s alright got Lee following her like a puppy!😆

    Liked by 1 person

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