The Constant Legacy | 1.05 The Brush Off

The Constant Legacy

Lee walked home in a haze, after getting Becky’s number he’d spent the rest of the party trying to find her again, a second loud smash seen her turn on her heels and rush out the bedroom. Lee could see the party was getting out of hand, there was barely enough room to weave through and when he found himself at the open front door and could see more people arriving, he took it as his queue to exit. Sending a quick text, he wrote “Becky, sorry couldn’t find you to say goodbye, let me know if you want some help cleaning. Thanks for a great night, Lee x”

The next morning Lee reached over to grab his phone from his bedside table, he squinted at the screen and felt his heart drop a little where there were no notifications, he’d been sure Becky would have responded to his text by now. Trying to push it to the back of his mind, Lee heaved himself out of bed and headed for a shower, perhaps a job would help to keep his mind clear.

Checking his phone again before heading out, there were still no notifications, “what’s the harm?” he thought to himself as he pulled up Becky’s contact and typed in another message, “hope you’re feeling okay today and that Lisa’s hangover isn’t causing you too much bother! Lee 🙂 x” and with that he headed out the door.

Heading to the park, Lee popped in his earphones, a quick glance at his messages showed there had still not been any reply, he sighed, put on his favourite playlist and started to jog. The park was pretty busy that day, and Lee wasn’t sure if it was a coincidence or if the world was trying to mock him but literally everyone there was a  couple, happy couples everywhere. Lee sighed, he couldn’t even get a text back never mind be the half of one of the happy couples.

Back home, it had started to get dark, it was almost a full 24 hours since he had first text Becky but it felt like a lot longer. Was she mad that he hadn’t stayed at the party, perhaps? Lee wondered if she should text again but would that seem too keen? “Ugh, why am I stressing about this so much!” Lee grumbled to himself. Just as he was about to turn the phone off, the screen flashed into life and there it was: One New Message: Becky McGuire


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